Save Lives, Money and Time
A Mobile Management System for Physical Operating Compliance.

A SaaS Smart Workplan Management Platform
+ Smart Phones
+ Near Field Communications (NFC)
= The Digital Transformation of Physical Operating Compliance

Measure and Manage Physical Operating Compliance
With the  Requirements Needed to Reduce Day-to-Day Risk.

  • Automate Communications

  • Monitor Compliance in Real-Time

  • Rules Based Automatic Alerts

  • Incident Reporting

  • Silent Emergency Alerts 

  • Historical Operational Reporting

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Automate Physical Operating Compliance Work Plans
Simplify Staff Communications

Pick the
Work Plan

Follow the
Work Plan

Present Instructions
Ordered, listed or timed.

Track Progress
Check in when individual responsibilities are completed.

Collect Operating Data
Input operating data associated with the task.

Pause or Cancel
Work plans with reason, for flexibility.

Protect and Report
Improve Response Time, Reduce Risk

Detailed Incident Reporting in Real-time, for More Informed and Accurate Response Plans


  • Include pictures and videos: help communicate and archive the issue.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Capture all the details
  • Maintain Position in Queue: return to workplan where left off.
Protect the Lone Worker,
Communicate Last Known Location in Real-time.
  • Request Help
  • Silent Notification
  • GPS location
  • Improved accountability
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Automated Real-time Alerts
Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Operations

Subscribe to any or all, automatic alerts.

  • Emergency
  • Overdue
  • Paused
  • Resumed
  • Cancelled
  • Complete

Receive notifications in preferred format.

  • SMS
  • eMail
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Real-time Operational Dashboard

Right Now….

Are you, or are you

Not Compliant?

Key Performance
Detailed Drill
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A Corporate System of Record
A Single Version of the Truth for Physical Operating Compliance

Capture Key
Distribute & 
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Enterprise Integration
Drive Deeper Value with Custom Integrations

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