A Mobile Management System for Physical Operating Compliance


Helping Operators Save Lives, Money and Time!

Command Center from Zendelity combines the flexibility of near field communications (NFC) with the smart phone, to offer a cost-effective, mobile solution designed for frontline teams and ensures adherence to all operating risk management requirements.

It automates the communication of operating procedures to ensure important work items are not missed. It enhances visibility and supports a proactive approach to management with a real-time view of compliance with operating requirements. It creates a system of record to help identify opportunities for improvement while also providing the data necessary to engage in data driven discussions with insurance providers, regulators and those that define brand standards.

Command Center, A Mobile Application for the Front Lines

Workplan Console

Work Items To Do

Tasks To Complete

Collect Operating Data

Take Adhoc Work Item Notes

Real-time Incident Reporting

Command Center, A Smart Worplan Management Portal

Subscribe & Receive Automatics Alerts
  • Business Rules
  • Emergency Notification
  • Overdue
  • Paused
  • Resumed
  • Cancelled
  • Complete
Real-time Operational Dashboard

Right Now….

Are you, or are you

Not Compliant?

Key Performance
Detailed Drill
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A Corporate System of Record
A Single Version of the Truth for Physical Operating Compliance

Capture Key
Distribute & 
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Enterprise Integration
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