A Mobile System of Control
For Physical Operating Compliance

Reduces safety risks by ensuring compliance with operating regulations, property insurance policies, and brand standards.
Improves operating efficiency and accountability with simplified front line communications.
Creates an enterprise system of record for the actions that operators are measured against to reduce risk.
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It’s as Simple as,
Inputting the Operating Requirements, and Outputting the System of Record!

A Mobile System of Control
For Physical Operating Compliance

  • Confirms Presence
  • Balances the Workload
  • Measures Compliance
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Improves Safety
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Managing the Day to Day Responsibilities
of Front Line Teams, Made Easy!

A Mobile First Solution
For Frontline Workers

Simplify the Communication
of Day to Day Responsibilities

Presented, ordered
or listed

Improve Insight,
Monitor Progress in Real-time

Check in when
individual tasks
are done.

Simplify Operating
Data Collection

Automatically capture and easily
input site data associated with
the task.

Monitor Efficiency
Down to the Minute

Where appropriate
manage execution
between tasks to the minute.

Empower Workers to
Adjust Work Plans

Pause and cancel work plans
as necessary with reason,
for flexibility.

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Be Proactive, Report Incidents and Issues Needing Attention
in Real-time for Improved Response Time!

Detailed Incident Reporting in Real-time, for More Informed and Accurate Response Plans
  • Include detailed descriptions to capture all the details.
  • Include pictures and videos to help communicate and archive the issue.
  • Maintain position in work plan while reporting an incident to ensure important tasks are not missed.
Protect the Lone Worker,
Communicate Last Known Location in Real-time.
  • Request and Confirm help in real-time.
  • Include last known location in alert to improve response time.
  • Alerts remain open until closed with reason for improved accountability.
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Live in the Now, Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Operations,
with Automated Real-time Alerts!

Subscribe to any or all, automatic alerts.

  • Emergency
  • Overdue
  • Paused
  • Resumed
  • Cancelled
  • Complete

Receive notifications in preferred format.

  • SMS
  • eMail
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Create a Corporate System of Record for Physical Operating Compliance
Capture the Data Needed to Analyze, Validate & Optimize.

Real-time Operational Dashboard, for Improved Visibility into Day to Day Performance.

Detailed Historical Reports to Improve Insight,
Demonstrate Compliance and Improve Efficiency.

A SaaS Solution with Simple Drag and Drop Administration.

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Enterprise Integration, Drive Deeper Value with Custom Integration

With our API First Approach,
Custom Integrations Can be Explored to Extend the Value and Increasing Your ROI. Some of the potential integrations include:

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