Thought Leadership

Fire Prevention: A Cost And Opportunity Analysis

(A 5 Min. Read)

Say Hello to Command Center 1.0, and Save Lives, Money and Time!

(A 3 Min Read)

Article: In Pursuit of Providing a Safe and Secure Environment in the Workplace

(A 6 min Read)

Article: Sanitization, Safety And Getting Back

(A 5 min Read)

Article: A Blind Spot in Governance, Risk and Compliance

(A 5 min. Read)

Article: An Innovative Opportunity for Hotels to Differentiate and Grow

(A 5 min Read)

Article: Compliance procedures, is there a better way?

(A 7 min. Read)


Living the  Start-up
Rebecca Wormleighton – Co-Founder of Zendelity

(A 25 min Listen)

The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps
 Rebecca Wormleighton – Co-Founder of Zendelity

(A 25 min Listen)

Zendelity Tech Talks

Intro to Zendelity

(A 5 min Watch)

Risk Management in Hospitality

(A 7 min Watch)

How to Improve Your ADR

(A 6 min Watch)


On Demand Webinar: Physical operating risks, more costly than we realize.

(A 53 min 30 second Viewing)

Video: Lets Start a Conversation on Operational Excellence

(A 3 min. Watch)

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