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Rate Your Fire Prevention Risk Level Questionnaire

  • Use this short questionnaire to help assess your current status with fire prevention. It breaks down the key areas in fire prevention to highlight where you may be exposed and the cost of a fire to your business. 

Fire Prevention Risk Self Assessment Workbook

  • The fire prevention risk self assessment workbook has been designed to help organizations clearly articulate the scope of fire prevention for their property, the current risks their operation is exposed to, and the hidden costs impacting the budget.



These assets briefly summarize what Command Center does, the challenges it solves and the value it could delivers to your operation.


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Case Studies

Norristown Area School District, Pennsylvania, USA

“Using Command Center, we will have accurate real time data on the status of operations across the district to facilitate data driven discussions and enable us to proactively identify issues before they negatively impact students and faculty.”

Robert Malkowski, Director of Operations

A Large University Campus, Ontario, Canada

“Using Command Center, we will have accurate real time data on all fire extinguishers on campus and it will give us the confidence and security that no extinguishers were missed.”

Fire Protection Co-ordinator



Safeguru, September 2022

Occupational health and safety has evolved so much over the years and it hasn’t stopped yet, workers continue to face risks on a daily basis and the global pandemic has brought more safety issues to attention than ever before.

With the continual evolution of workplaces and technology, occupational health and safety must also continue to advance. For this reason, we spoke to 15 professionals to see where they believe the future of occupational health and safety is going.

Webinar: Managing to Operating Compliance in 2022

YouTube, March 2, 2022

Managing operations is complicated in 2022, between the labor shortages, unrealistic expectations, all the paperwork, it’s difficult to manage the workload, implement best practices, to get it all done.

Learn how you can:

  • Make it easier to balance the workload, budget, and changing requirements.

  • Optimize resources and easily implement operating best practices.

  • Eliminate manual reporting, saving on time and resources.

  • Manage expectations between employees and the union, administration.

Emergency Actions Plans, A Must For Safety And Security, Nov 17, 2021

Workplace emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, including fires, explosions, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, toxic material releases, radiological and biological accidents, civil disturbances, workplace violence, etc. All of which, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), require an emergency action plan. Willfully violating that requirement and not having an emergency action plan that is current, well understood and accessible, could result in a fine of US$ 134,937 per violation…

Fire Prevention: A Cost And Opportunity Analysis, Aug 9, 2021

As organizations start to plan for next year’s operating budget, it’s a good time to take a closer look at fire prevention, what’s its costing and the value it delivers. It’s the perfect time to look at the policies and procedures associated with fire prevention and look for areas of improvement and optimization…

In Pursuit of Providing a Safe and Secure Environment in the Workplace.
Security Informed, Sept 9, 2020

All public properties are faced with a diverse and complicated set of safety and security risks, from health and safety to violence, terrorism, natural disasters, fires, political and environmental. Reducing safety and security risks requires the hands-on support of all operating teams…

Sanitization, Safety And Getting Back To Business.
Security Informed, June 2, 2020

You are not alone: operators everywhere are asking themselves what are they going to do? How are they going to get back to business, and fast? How are they going to cost effectively operate with all the new safety requirements that have arisen as a result of COVID? How are they going to….


Living the Startup Podcast Episode 40 – Zendelity – Rebecca Wormleighton
September 2020

Have a listen as they discuss Rebecca’s company Zendelity, how her previous experience in marketing has helped the company grow and the importance of using your network and contacts.

The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps Rebecca Wormleighton – Co-Founder of Zendelity

It takes a special kind of mind to look around at what everybody considers “normal” and seeing an opportunity to solve a problem. Rebecca is the co-founder of Zendelity, which is a platform that helps with compliance, risk and preventing problems when things aren’t done properly.

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