Zendelity is committed to helping commercial properties ensure their customers and employees are physically safe while on-site.

Zendelity offers a cost-effective, mobile solution for front-line workers, which simplifies the costs and complexity of managing adherence to the operating legislation, property insurance policies, and brand standards that define the operating requirements needed to reduce risk.

Public properties are faced with a diverse set of daily operating risks, including environmental, health and safety, terrorism, natural disasters, and pandemics. Fines, insurance premiums, and settlements are on the rise, making non-compliance a risk, no one can afford. Today many still rely on antiquated logbooks, checklists, and manuals to manage operating risk, increasing the probability of errors and omissions.

With the latest advancements in technology, Command Center from Zendelity enables operators to measure and manage physical operating compliance in real-time and provides the valuable physical operating data, necessary to make smarter business decisions.