To understand the type of problem we are solving, we will use the example of public properties complying with the Public Health regulations for COVID-19.

Public Health states that all high touch locations must be sanitized more often, they must 1st be cleaned with soap and water, then disinfected for 1 minute resulting in lots of new tasks, which take 3X longer to complete.

To add to the complexity, this is on top of all the other operating regulations, and the definition of high touch continually evolves. Today, communicating the updates to front-line workers is done with paper based checklists that are being updated, reprinted, and then distributed to staff as required. To measure and manage compliance, completed checklists are collected, and inspections are conducted, to identify potential procedural errors. Access to the data necessary to verify work and understand how organizations are responding to public health emergencies is time-consuming to consolidate, outdated & impossible to verify when finally accessed.

Command Center is an innovative solution that combines the power of the smartphone with RFID to manage physical operating compliance. It is first to market and designed specifically for today’s frontline worker. It automates sanitization and operating work plans to ensure nothing is missed, monitors presence to ensure compliance, and improves emergency response with real-time visibility. It saves the time and resources necessary to manually collect and compile the operational data needed to understand how operations are performing and make better business decisions.

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