It’s not unusual in property management…

  • The Job: Maintenance, Health & Safety, Fire Prevention, Cleaning, Security, Landscaping, Emergency Response …
  • The Issue: Quality standards are not achieved.
  • The Risk: Equipment malfunctions, personal injuries, property damages, regulatory fines, liability, medical costs, overtime, productivity losses, administration, void warranties, denied claims, premium increases, business continuity…

As the operator, you understand the risks and have risk control measures in place to help ensure quality standards are achieved.

You have:

  • Operating manuals, clearly outlining best practices and expectations.
  • Log books for staff to track adherence.
  • Random inspections to encourage compliance.

The issue is:

  • Policies and procedures are still listed in manuals & hard to access.
  • Responsibilities and to do lists are distributed on paper or via email.
  • Compliance data is manually collected in checklists or logbooks, stored in spreadsheets or in filing cabinets.
  • Compiling the data is manually and error prone, often transcribed from paper to digital for future reference.
  • Each department is working independently with unique methodologies and reporting styles.
  • Data can’t be verified and must be taken at its word.
  • Data is always outdated and not a current reflection of current practices.
  • Compliance is managed with inspections, and sometimes inspections of inspections!

The good news is, with the latest advancements in technology, there is a better way!

Command Center from Zendelity offers a cost-effective, mobile solution to manage adherence to the daily operating requirements needed to reduce physical operating risks of all kinds.

With Command Center, Property Managers can:

  • Track execution down to the task level to protect the brand
  • Monitor contractor compliance in real-time to proactively identify risks.
  • Maintain a digital log of all activities and incidents, with pictures and descriptions to prove duty of care
  • Improve efficiency and ensure staff adhere to best practices
  • Reduce administrative reporting, saving time and resources.

It’s Simple, Cost Effective and Easy to Implement.

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