It’s not unusual in property management…

  • The job: Snow or rain water removal.
  • The Issue: Quality standards not achieved, a sidewalk or entryway is missed and not cleared.
  • The risk: Slip and fall accident resulting in medical costs, lawsuits, denied insurance claims and bad press.

As the operator , you understand the risks and have risk control measures in place to help ensure the job gets done.  You have:

  • Operating manuals, clearly outlining best practices and expectations.
  • Log books for staff to track adherence.
  • Random inspections to encourage compliance.

The issue is:

  • Manuals are rarely reviewed, and procedures are randomly adapted, leaving lots of room for error.
  • Log books can’t be verified and must be taken at face value.
  • Inspections are expensive and reactive, the longer the time between inspection the higher the risk.
  • Compiling the information necessary to report on compliance is time intensive and manual.

The good news is, with the latest advancements in technology, there is now an alternative!

Command Center from Zendelity offers a cost-effective, mobile solution to manage adherence to the daily operating requirements needed to reduce physical operating risks of all kinds.

With Command Center, Property Managers can:

  • Track execution down to the task level to protect the brand
  • Monitor contractor compliance in real-time to proactively identify risks.
  • Maintain a digital log of all activities and incidents, with pictures and descriptions to prove duty of care
  • Improve efficiency and ensure staff adhere to best practices
  • Reduce administrative reporting, saving time and resources.

It’s Simple, Cost Effective and Easy to Implement.

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