What’s behind door number #1!!!

At the hotel, I just stayed at, a whole load of nothing!! From the outside, it looked like the property had invested in a fire safety plan. It looked like as a guest I could feel confident that I was protected. When I opened that door it quickly made me realize just how exposed I was.

As an owner or operator of public property are you 100% confident that your on-site safety plans are being complied with? How often does something get missed? Did they actually do it or did they just say they did it? How much of your time and your managers time is invested in inspecting the work of others to ensure it gets done? Could that time be better spent else where?

Just like me, I suspect that for many, if you look under the covers you will find you are as exposed as I was staying in that hotel!

If you look across your property, how confident are you, how current is your data?

Are you sure…

  • the rain puddle at the rear door got cleaned this morning, what if it didn’t and someone slips and falls?
  • all the banquet chair got inspected no one is going to get hurt at tonights event?
  • all the emergency exits were cleared before opening today and remain cleared?
  • the safety lights in the west parking lot are working, if someone gets attacked, how will you prove it?
  • the floatation devices by the pool are all there and none are missing, are they functioning properly?

At the end of the day, if any one of these things are missed, you are exposed to increase risk. Using the latest in RFID & mobile devices, as an owner/operator you get a real-time view of operations to ensure everything is done, nothing is missed and have the data to prove it!

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