When push comes to shove, can you prove it?

In the last 3 weeks, I have come across at least 5 article concerning workers & their families engaging in lawsuits with their employers due to safety concerns as a result of COVID.

In all of those cases, one of the claims presented concerned sanitization.

As you consider your reopening plans, don’t underestimate what it is going to take in resources to meet the minimum sanitization requirements outlined by CDC, day in, & day out.

Think about this for a minute….for a public property with 20 common areas & each with 20 high touch things/room & if each thing must be cleaned twice per shift & you operate 2 shifts per 24 hr period, that equates to 1,600 ‘net new’ physical things that must be sanitized every day. 1st with soap & water, then rinsed, disinfected for 1 min, & wiped.

At an average of 3 min/task that equals 4,800 minutes day or 80 hrs. At $15/hr that’s an incremental $1200/day or $438,000/year just in salary.

Don’t forget these are net new tasks, no matter what business you were in pre-COVID, your employees where not sitting idle or nor were you cleaning that much!

Sanitization is not just a checkbox, it must be carefully planned, optimized & documented. To protect the people & your business it is time to transform how you manage the frontlines.

Command Center is a cost-effective, mobile solution to manage adherence to the daily operating responsibilities needed to reduce physical operating risks of all kinds.

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